Graeme Saunders

Graeme has had a long and successful career developing strategy, building relationships, creating innovative opportunities, and working on  transaction teams to realise new business. Working for over 10 years in one of the world's leading investment and trading companies, Graeme has developed a deep understanding  of numerous industries across the world.

Graeme uses his vast experience and reputation across multiple markets and sectors (in conjunction with his diverse and extensive network) to validate, originate and source intelligence and enable introductions. He drives the development of strategies that combine these elements for the best outcome possible.


Graeme has been a passionate and committed climate change advocate for many years. Graeme was behind the establishment of Oceania’s largest carbon reduction company which helped him understand the challenges associated with climate change and the politics around it. This also allowed him to build strong networks within the carbon markets and with renewable energy developers  With this, he has since dedicated his career to finding waste to wealth opportunities, and promoting innovative renewable energy solutions.


Dr Peter Leary

After many years of  academic research in the US earthquake hazards reductions programme as a staff member of Princeton University and University of Southern California, Peter joined the University of Edinburgh. In this role he applied borehole seismic technology to improve oil production by time-lapse borehole seismic imaging of fracture-heterogeneous hydrocarbon reservoirs. Peter also consulted for Geospace Engineering Resources International (GERI) in developing crosswell seismic applications to time-lapse monitoring of tight-gas formations.

During his 50 years experience, Peter has authored/co-authored 50 journal papers and 50 conference abstracts in crustal deformation, seismic observation and instrumentation, and simulation of percolation flow in critical state fractured media for application to geothermal reservoirs.


Luke MCDonald

Over the last 20 years, Luke has been a partner in one of Australia's leading commercial law firms and senior roles at a US focused global energy company. More recently, Luke co-founded a large scale renewable energy development company in Australia (wind and solar), a HK based bio-fuels company and a blockchain enabled platform for digital original guarantee documents out of Singapore.  Luke also sits on the advisory board of a number of private, public and non-for-profit organisations in the renewable energy and related sectors.


Marco Stacke Silva

Marco is an electrical engineer and MBA with 20-years’ experience in the renewable energy industry in five different countries. Marco has already worked in Australia, Brazil, Chile, Germany, and Indonesia developing and building wind, solar, hydro, and geothermal projects. Having worked for ABB, Pacific Hydro, and Freeport McMoRan, Marco now consults for large and start-up businesses in regards to best technologies and advanced techniques in the renewable energy and energy storage fields.